Skype for Business Help Desk

Simple, fast, and convenient. This is how your employees should get support and troubleshooting assistance. With Clarity Connect, your organization can deliver on these principles, intelligently and quickly connecting your employees to the experts and answers they need to get the job done using the communication tools they already rely on.

Contact center products have largely ignored the importance of internal communication, with most solutions failing to provide essential help desk functionality or being priced out of the reach of internal support groups. For many companies, this means employees struggle to get answers to important questions, leaving them frustrated and less productive while your support teams are under-utilized.

With Clarity Connect, by Perficient, your company will not have to compromise either customer experience or organizational efficiency. Empower your internal support teams with intelligent and intuitively configurable call and chat workflows to quickly connect your employees to the internal resources and support they need. With this multi-channel approach, your company can quickly deliver the help your employees need where, when, and however they need it, improving overall efficiency to keep them productive team members.

Most importantly, employees can use the same tools to access your help desks that they use to communicate with their co-workers. Start an IM session in the Skype for Business client, add voice once you are connected, and enable screen sharing to quickly identify and resolve the issue.

A Clarity Connect-powered help desk will also generate powerful reports so managers can track exactly how quickly the solution delivers efficiency gains and meaningful results. By arming support managers with real-time, actionable analytics and KPI powered alerts, companies can refine and optimize their support processes. Additionally, companies can use support data to better inform and design training processes, mitigating future support needs in these areas.

The Clarity Connect-powered help desk is simply more helpful and more efficient. Employees are quickly connected to the best support resources available through the product’s intelligent, skills-based routing in order to quickly give your workers the solution they need by allowing all of the same benefits of Skype for Business such as desktop sharing and escalating a chat to a voice call. Support managers will also appreciate the benefits of meaningful, actionable team insight as the product helps managers make essential, data-driven decisions in order to improve efficiency and performance with ancillary benefits for the entire organization.