Expand Your Reach

Clarity Connect, by Perficient, can grow to meet the challenging demands of geo-distributed contact centers without the need for cost-prohibitive hardware or dedicated operational staff. We fully leverage your global Skype for Business infrastructure to deliver a seamless solution that ensures resources are fully utilized regardless of where they are located. We have a deep understanding of how to plan, manage, and deploy a geo-dispersed native Skype for Business contact center at a fraction of the price of traditional products.

Clarity Connect treats the entirety of the organization as a unified ecosystem to best serve your users. Current solutions typically segment large contact center organizations into disparate groups of agents and assets while using static call routing criteria such as calendars and call location. This results in far less productive agents, under-utilized resources, and most important, frustrated customers.

Our approach to the traditional “follow the sun” model enables skills-based routing at a global level to manage the interactions rather than requiring only calendars to decide where a call should go. This changes the playing field by allowing users to quickly access the existing available resources at other sites without the need for overflow reporting confusion. These significant performance gains drive agent productivity and asset utilization, all while improving the user’s experience. Clarity Connect automatically and intelligently leverages organizational assets to drive both performance and efficiency in global contact centers while simplifying administration. Modality-agnostic universal queues allow for calls and chats to be intelligently routed around the globe to the best available resources within your organization.