Managed Communications

Every organization has processes defined around certain types of communications. Whether it’s how to contact HR with specific types of requests, on-boarding new employees, or training on certain products, putting structure around requests is important to ensure consistent high quality experiences for your employees. Clarity Connect’s instant messaging support and powerful IVR engine provide comprehensive and effective intelligent routing tools for these internal communications.

With Clarity Connect’s simple and intuitively configurable workflows, groups within your organization can help employees to reach the right expert based on their needs and using the communication tools they already know.

Escalations of customer issues can easily be solved and tracked as well. By further leveraging these technologies, employees will be able to easily contact a supervisor for clarification or assistance, and, likewise, managers will be able to oversee employee progress and jump into a session if any extra assistance is necessary.

With Clarity Connect, routing these communications you will gain valuable insight into the performance and workload on your internal teams. Employee development, support, training, and escalations are just a few of the ways Clarity Connect’s contact center solution can be leveraged in very innovative ways across all areas of an organization, creating substantial value for your company and maximizing the return on your investment in Clarity Connect, by Perficient.