Clarity Announces its Next Major Release of Clarity Connect, Exclusively and Natively Built for Skype for Business.

Clarity Connect 4.0’s Move to the Cloud, Mobile-Friendly Dashboard, and Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 2015 Advances its Legacy of Innovation on Microsoft’s Unified Communication Platform.


CHICAGO - September 28, 2015 PRNewswire/ — Clarity, a software development firm with expertise in building products based on Microsoft’s Universal Communications platform, today announced the next major release of its Clarity Connect product, the industry’s first contact center solution exclusively built for Skype for Business. By leveraging the Skype Developer Platform, Clarity Connect 4.0 delivers a powerful mobile-friendly dashboard, significantly expands and enriches contact center routing, and fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. With an eye toward the cutting-edge and an ear to its customers, the 4.0 release continues to carry Clarity Connect into the future of contact center technology.

In another product enhancement, Clarity Connect has begun its transition to a cloud-based management model, allowing straightforward global management as well as fine-grain configuration settings. Customers moving to Clarity Connect 4.0 will be given access to an Azure hosted portal which manages the installation and configuration of all Clarity Connect instances.  The latest version of Clarity Connect was specifically developed to be cloud-managed, regardless of whether the customer chooses to deploy Clarity Connect on premise, through one of Clarity’s third-party hosting partners, or in a hybrid architecture with Microsoft Office 365 users.

With efficiency and effectiveness in mind, Clarity worked closely with its customer base to enhance some of the existing features and add new ones. Clarity’s product developers and UI experts embarked on a customer roadshow to better understand the industry’s wants and needs. Putting their own ingenuity and experience to work, the team translated these insights into a feature-rich, customer-driven version of Clarity Connect that advances the user experience and continues to drive management and agent efficiency in the contact center world by creating new revenue streams and curtailing costs.

One of these advancements is the redesigned mobile-friendly dashboard. When building this feature, Clarity leveraged its award-winning design team to re-imagine the dashboard. The responsive design allows the dashboard to be fully accessible across PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, offering users a powerful set of contact center insights with advanced configurability. Going beyond just the “view-only” aspects of most dashboards, Clarity Connect’s new intelligent dashboard report—built by Clarity’s expert Data Visualization designers—serves users actionable analytics that quickly detect and directly inform problem-solving in the contact center.

Customers also expressed their desire for Clarity Connect to easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. With this in mind, Clarity is excited to offer out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics 2015 (Dynamics). By allowing end-users to easily enable and configure integration between Clarity Connect and Dynamics without engaging in a costly and complex professional services project, customers can effortlessly leverage their investment in their existing platforms and realize gains in both efficiency and performance.

“We can’t wait to see what our customers do with this version as it is the most significant release of Clarity Connect since we created the Native UC Customer Care six years ago,” said Jon Rauschenberger, CTO of Clarity Consulting. “We’ve seen phenomenal demand in the Skype for Business market over the past two years and Clarity Connect 4.0 takes full advantage of the new capabilities Microsoft has delivered along with adding features to meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

Clarity will be an exhibitor in the Skype for Business pavilion at IT Expo, October 6- 8. To schedule a demonstration or for more information on all aspects of Clarity Connect, along with videos, use cases, case studies, and customer testimonials, please visit the Clarity Connect website.  To request a demo, please visit:

About Clarity

Clarity delivers premier products and solutions that leverage Lync and Skype for Business as a communication platform, which allow companies to significantly reduce costs and complexities within their IT environments. Clarity Connect is a robust contact center solution built exclusively and natively for Skype for Business.

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