Reporting & Analytics

Managing customer service is about responding in a timely manner, in the appropriate way, and setting the proper expectations for the customer. To do that, you'll need data and the ability to make quick, simple changes that affect the customer experience positively.

Clarity Connect, by Perficient, puts the real-time data you need at your fingertips with a powerful web-based dashboard that allows alerts to proactively notify you or others when criteria you define is met, allowing you to take action before there's an actual issue.


Historical reporting is available intra-day and provides powerful insight into everything from agent behavior to queue stats, call flow usage data, and much more. Custom reporting is possible in a variety of supported approaches, if desired.

  • Intelligent dashboard with real-time metrics and actionable insights

  • Historical reporting with deep-dive into contact center analytics

  • Rich metrics data with built-in reports designed by Data Visualization experts


  • Report on how your users are actually navigating your call flow with heat maps and more.

Customer Surveying & Insight

  • Report on the Post-call, post-chat surveys completed with the node report and IVR Heat Map

  • Build-out custom reports and generate insight reports with real impact